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Franchise Lawyer obtains Higher Rights of Audience

Franchise Solicitor James Barrett

James Barrett, who heads up the franchise litigation function at leading franchise lawyers, Hamilton Pratt, has obtained higher rights of audience. As a result James can appear as an advocate in all civil cases before the English courts. The process of obtaining higher rights of audience is challenging and James not only had to demonstrate leading edge advocacy skills but also a very detailed knowledge of the rules of civil procedure and evidence.

James explains that, undertaking dispute resolution work at Hamilton Pratt has enabled me to be actively involved in the majority of the leading franchise cases over the last six years. Our experience in this area is second to none and we have worked very closely with a small number of barristers who we know have knowledge of franchising and will do a good job for us and our clients. Nevertheless, as a firm we believe, because of the unparalleled knowledge that we have of franchise issues, that it is helpful to work very closely with barristers so that we can ensure that our knowledge and experience is used more effectively in franchise cases.

James, points out that as far as he is aware, no other firm of franchise solicitors have solicitor advocates who are able to provide this seamless service which he believes gives Hamilton Pratt a substantial advantage.

John Pratt, senior partner at Hamilton Pratt says, we certainly do not intend to stop instructing barristers - why would we? They appear before the courts on a regular basis and their knowledge of how the courts operate is invaluable. What this does is to enable us to be more actively involved, not only in the preparation of the case, but in the formulation of the legal argument and in their presentation to the court. This will result not only in a more effective service but will be more cost effective.

November 2014
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