What sort of face to face support can I expect from a franchisor?

The whole point about franchising is that whilst you are operating your own independent business, you are not alone and support is provided by the franchisor.  It is vital that before you enter into a franchise agreement, you obtain full information as to precisely what support you will receive.  From a legal perspective the level of support that the franchisor is obliged to provide is set out in the franchise agreement but, very often this support is set out in very vague and general terms so that the franchisor is only obliged to provide you with such support as the franchisor considers is appropriate which, of course, does not help an incoming franchisee.


What you would expect is a great deal of head office support in terms of telephone assistance during working hours as well as head office keeping the manual updated and providing, on a continuing basis, training courses.  In addition, you would certainly expect franchisors to lay on regional meetings, perhaps occasional face to face meetings at the head office and also an annual conference.


Most franchise agreements do not envisage that the franchisor will provide face to face assistance at your premises without charging additionally for it because, otherwise, this would impose too great a burden on the franchisor who would constantly be at the beck and call of franchisees.


Before taking a franchise it is essential that prospective franchisees talk to other franchisees and gauge precisely what assistance is provided.